“We’re missionaries, it’s an occupational hazard.” (4 of 4)

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Questions to Ask

I always like to know the details of a story. I want to know more than just someone’s perception or interpretation of what happened. Everyone looks at things through their own lenses so things can easily be looked at different. I think this is especially true when hearing stories of persecution. I thought of some questions to ask missionaries and ask ourselves when stories arise.

Questions to ask those involved:

  • What was the main reason for your problems or persecution?
  • Did you or your family feel in danger?
  • Where you forced to do anything?
  • Did you make anyone mad that could have reported you?
  • What were the consequences?
  • What was your ministry like? How will this change your ministry?
  • What kind of place where you meeting in? (if involved with Church Planting)
  • On a scale of 1-10 how bold/open where you being?
  • If you are not allowed to return, are you satisfied with what you accomplished?
  • Where the believers in any danger?
  • Did the police act unkind and hateful?
  • Was there any warning signs?
  • Were you involved in anything political?
  • Does this seem to be a widespread thing or do you think it was an isolated case?
  • Was there a raid, crackdown, or interruption of any of the services?
  • Did the internet, email, or a website have anything to do with it that you know of?
  • Do you feel you were under surveillance? Phone tapped? Spies in the services?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is it an isolated case of persecution? Why or Why not?
  • Is the persecution caused because of the Gospel or political involvement? Why?
  • After evaluating what happened in the story, does the problems seem to be with the ministry or was it something else? Visa? Job? Money? Bad Relations?

I think the first set of questions can help understand the story and what really happened, where as, the second list of questions can help you make a conclusion about the story. I have found that after asking many of these questions, I get a better understanding of what “really” happened and see the situation less dangerous than original presented.

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