Undercover or Under-the-Covers (2 of 5)

The Problem With Being Undercover: Personal Ministry.

Your personal ministry can be greatly affected by how you choose to react to the situation of your country. Here are a few thoughts to consider:

  • Just the idea of going “undercover” causes thoughts of doubt and insecurity. This in turn can create a spirit of fear which effects you, your family, your ministry and those you lead.
  • A person who is full of doubts and insecurity causes those around them to be eerie and suspicious (a.k.a. a weirdo).
  • Be careful because for the sake of keeping your current form of being “undercover” you can choose not to do the important things and it makes your ultimate purpose void.
  • How can you shine your light bright always trying to cover it up?
  • What are you ultimately afraid of? You don’t want to get beat? Put in jail? Thrown out of the country? Who does? But what have you been called to? How have you been called to complete this job? What are Bible examples?
  • When considering the “how” in gaining access to creative access countries, don’t base your decisions on second-hand-stories, seek out the first-hand-stories, information that can be verified and relevant to your decision making.

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