Tips, Helps, and Suggestions For Short-termers Traveling to China (3 of 3)

#33 – Let me encourage each of you to keep a journal of the trip. You will not remember everything you did because we are doing so much. Write down things we do and how you feel. How the Lord is working in your life. People gave so you could experience this, so write it down and share it with them when you get back.

#34 – When conversing with those who speak English, feel free or maybe I should say, please share your testimony with them and ask them their testimony. Sharing the Gospel is always our goal!

#35 – The two things that we try to avoid are 1) anything political 2) openly giving the idea we are here to proselytize (instead of giving the idea that we are here to openly proselytize we just do it, telling them about Jesus).

#36 – We usually just refer to our ourselves as Bible teachers instead of missionaries because outside of the U.S. “missionary” has a bad connotation (what would you think of a person you met said he was a missionary to your hometown). We rather have someone compelled because we started talking about Jesus verses turned off because we gave our title.

#37 – Religious Freedom? We just act like we have it.

#38 – Don’t use jokes unless you check with the missionary to make sure they will translate.

#39 – Any unfamiliar words or stories check with the translator to make sure they know the less commonly used words.

#40 – Don’t speak fast unless your translator can keep up with you.

#41 – Speak, stop for translation, speak, stop for translation. Don’t speak a paragraph and then stop for translation, speak in phrases or short sentences.

Airport and Beyond
#42 – Once you get to the airport, you need to check in all the bags (except your carry-ons and personal items). You can try to check in as a group! Once you are checked in, you will need to go through security. After security, you will find your terminal and gate. After this you can take a deep breathe and get some food. Just watch your time and note when they start boarding.

#43 – Keep all luggage tags and ticket stubs. Once you arrive in China, they may ask you to see them.

#44 – If you don’t have a direct flight, you should still only need to pick up your luggage once you arrive in China. One you arrive at your layover destination, check in and find your gate as before.

#45 – Once you get to China, you need to go through customs and the baggage area and collect all of your bags (follow the crowd). Then you have to re-check in all the bags and go through the whole process again (if you are flying to another city in China)!

#46 – Once you finally arrive in our city, we will get all the bags, take a bus to the place you will be staying. For those that are hungry we can make a McDonald’s stop (even if it is midnight)!

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  1. David Gates

    Great tips for any country! Thanks for your hard work in putting this together. We pray for the group that is there and hope seeds are planted and souls are saved!

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